Updates For The Traditional Apartment Hunting Checklist

Usually you need a new checklist if you have recently sold your old apartment, or have the need to find a new place due to career relocations or going for college. The traditional checklist of short term apartments Wagga hunting has changed with the new age technology, demands and safety requirements. If you had gone apartment hunting previously, then you will see the changes right away when you look at an apartment brochure. 

The structure

One of the worst things, that remind you of horror stories, is the leaky ceiling. Most apartments are equipped with boards that go up on the ceiling and to hide the numerous wires and pipelines that run in that space. This space is also the home to many pests (if you get them) and also leaks. So one of the things that you need to check on the overall structure of the place is the ceiling colour to see if it is bright white (either no leaks or they replaced the boards) or a stained yellow (leaks are a feature). Apart from the basic asbestos awareness training, construction crew should be notified of this. The leaks can be fixed in most cases by construction crews and you can talk it over with the landlady whether they will fix it.

Due to the recent episodes of illnesses and such, asbestos awareness training is a must for everyone. So check whether your roof is made of that material, and if it is, be prepared for heated summers and perfect place for the family. 

Winter ware

The apartment should be proofed, or easily proof-able, against winter. Depending on how low the temperature goes, you can make do with simple do-it-yourself fixes. But if everything freezes during the winter at the new place, then you need solid work for the cold. The heater is a must so check for any funny smells and also the responsiveness of the heater when you turn it on.


Usually you have to turn on the basic utilities on your own when you move in. so you should probably call ahead that you want to check utilities and such and that you will need the power and water supply to check the taps for any leaks, electricity and lighting inside the apartment and such. Most renting places have the capacity to turn on utilities for a few days and sometimes potential tenants like to stay over and see if the apartment is suited to their liking.

Sometimes apartments come with water heaters and such luxuries, but you have to pay extra for those. So check ahead if such things are in your checklist of priorities.