Touring And Sight Seeing

As per the history of Europe, 6th to 14th century, also called as medieval period began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and amalgamated into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery.

In Medieval days a destination for such days out would be “religious” to closest shrine or “festivals” such as St. Valentine’s Day during February, Easter around March and April, Halloween during October and Christmas during December at a prominent place in the village or to a seasonal fair.

Middle class people visiting their employer’s homes by tipping the housekeeper during their master and the family are away.

In the 19th century saw blossoming of day-tripper industry, with the arrival of railway travel which also introduced day tripper tickets. The trend continued as masses started travelling by steamships or riverboat to many piers and back as day’s getaway.

Mid 1880s onwards, “cycling” has become a very famous day trip activity amongst the working class.

Horse drawn coaches or motor coaches became popular amongst the upper middle class travelers in the subsequent years. Mostly work outings or religious excursions were extremely popular until the 70s.

With the “Good Roads Movement” sprung in United States between the late 1870s and the 1920s lead by bicyclists who were lobbying for improved roads, the roads evolved to the levels that we are experiencing today.

The majority of modern day tour experience is by motor car or motor mini wagons as a result of comfortable road network and due to growth of vehicle ownership. The 21st century traveler especially from main cities with their individualistic tight time schedules, and tastes, found personal family get a ways for a day from the city hustle and bustle using their own mode of transportation is much convenient as it gives plenty of freedom to the traveler. Whether it is due to luxury of flexible timing to a sudden detour from the planned route.

Now a days air travel is gaining momentum as many day tour travel operators provide helicopter, sea plane facilities. Though it is costlier option compared to road travel, it significantly cut down the time you spent on the roads. If you are an avid panoramic photographer, this is the best mode of transportation to capture the moment. It gives you a birds eye view of the surrounding beneath which could be priceless. This also goes with videography. End of a day tripping, if you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, the purpose behind your whole trip is achieved.