Things You Have To Plan Twelve Months Before Your Wedding

After all these times of helping your friends with their wedding things and preparations or even becoming their maids or best men, now it’s your turn. Your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones in your life and you want to mark that day perfectly because it comes once-in-a-lifetime. So, planning your wedding day also has to be done accurately, to a budget and also with good research. We came up with a checklist of things that has to be ticked twelve months before your wedding.

Make your budget

Determine how much you expect to spend and can spend depending on the family contributions and the money you have collected. Without a budget don’t even think to start planning your big day’s event because you need to keep track of the money flow and how much you can spend. Also this will help you to find the proper company/service for the desired job too.

Your guest list

Think whether you want to have a small party with few friends and important family members or you are planning to invite every member of your big family. This will also alter your budget as well. You can cut off the long lost friends and there isn’t any rule that you have to invite all your Facebook friends. So, think on your budget and the type of party you are to have before you invite guests.

Want a wedding planner?

If you don’t have much time to do all the research and finding people for the wedding planning then all you have to do is contact a wedding planner. They will lift all those problems from your shoulders to theirs and do a splendid job. But you need to carefully choose one with good experience and expertise knowledge in the field. Starting from the printing to catering, your wedding planning runs a long way.

The finest wedding location

Whether you want to have a fairy tale wedding in a historical castle or a trendy beach wedding, the choice is yours. But it’s important that you start your research at least a year before because these locations get booked too quickly and you don’t want to miss your dream location. Make sure it also fits your budget and you find it easy to travel on your wedding day without wasting a lot of time.

Check whether these locations also offer catering services or you have to get another to do it. Many hotels and resorts offer you with fine menus and you can also tailor it to your unique requirements that can make your stay enjoyable.

Other help you want

You also need a photographer, a DJ or a band, florist, Décor Company, makeup artist, and also a bridal dress maker for your big day. These are some of the main parts of your wedding party. So use this time to do some research and place your bookings. Remember prices fluctuate very often so it can be a matter of time where you lost a good deal.