Special Boarding Facilities For Your Dog

You have just got the opportunity of a lifetime. You have being informed that you have won a free trip overseas. You are overjoyed that you can finally visit a foreign country. Your colleagues at work are equally thrilled when they hear the good news. But suddenly your excitement disappears when you realise that your pooch will need some taking care of once you are gone. Your colleagues realise the worried look on your face and ask you what is bothering you. You tell them your problem and one of them tells you that she knows of a place that takes care of puppies and dogs and has special boarding facilities as well.

Special treatment

You ask your colleague to take you there and she is more than happy to help you since she too is an animal lover and has a pooch of her own. The moment you set eyes on this place that has pet friendly holiday accommodation you are amazed at the way the staff at this place treats the animals. You see one dog being taken for a walk around the grounds. You see another puppy being given a brushing down after his bath, and you see yet another pooch being dried with a blow dryer. You cannot believe the treatment these pooches are getting while they are being kept here, check this trusted luxury pet friendly accommodation.

Variety of options

An official walks up to you and asks you if you a have a pooch or a cat that needs to be given temporary shelter while you are away. You tell the official about your sudden trip overseas and asks him what you need to do if you want to keep your pooch here for a few days. The official from the pet friendly holiday accommodation tells you that you need to fill up a form with what you require and that the rest will be taken care of by them. You check out the form given to you by the official and you cannot imagine the vast variety of options that are on offer for your beloved pooch.

Pick up facility

Among the facilities on offer are grooming, walking, exercising, bathing, teeth brushing, paw cleaning and nail clipping. If you so wish you can also tell the professionals at this place to ensure that your pooch gets his vitamins on time at no extra cost. The professionals also tell you that as part of their service they will come to your home and pick up your pooch prior to your leaving and will also make arrangements to drop him back at your place when you come back.