Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Furnished Flat


While moving to a new city for a few weeks or for a few months it is always better to hire a rental furnished flat or apartment as it is less costly and gives the same ambience, like own house.

Most of the people think that renting a furnished apartment will be a stressful task. But it is not like that. You just have to keep in mind some of the common questions before renting the furnished property, and that is all. You will have to ask the questions which are very essential, so do not take the question answer period very lightly.

Here are some questions that might help you to choose a better apartment for you:

If you are going to rent a furnished apartment in Perth and if you own a car, then ask about the parking facilities as it is difficult task to get parking area in the big cities. Search the proper parking areas in your apartment which are available for tenants. If the parking area has a roof, then it will be better for the bad weather. Also, do not forget to ask the parking fee.

You are about to rent an apartment and you will get the essential furniture there for daily use. But while renting do not forget to ask if there is extra charge for using them, that is the problem of many apartments as this is a hidden cost. There will be some items which you can use for free and some items which are chargeable may be, so get clear about that. There are various types of these apartments you will find, some are like the luxurious hotel and some are the same as your home with just the essential needs and furniture. Ask the owner about the other appliances, such as bed, bath towels and other items which are available or not. If you have job with packed schedule, then you must need a maid for cleaning the house, ask about the availability of the maid service.

Your apartment must have a manager to look after it. Contact with him or her for the maintenance of your home and other essential and emergency repairs.

Many people have to extend their stay at the apartments, so ask the owner if the lease will end how you have to pay the bills. Internet connection is very important for your job and other works, hence inquire about this. And if you are far from your house, then check the long distance calls are possible or not. Do not forget to check the security system also.