Planning a Vacation on a Budget


Are you in desperate need of a holiday but feel that you are currently a little short on cash and should be saving up? We have got some tips on how to take a break and have a great vacation on a budget that will not break your bank and allow you the chance to relax!
Where to stay
First things first, you need to pick a place to stay. To do this, you will first need to pick a destination! We recommend picking either the beach or say a mountainous area – it will allow you lots of options, as opposed to a tourist town or big city! Go online and run a search for motels in Taupo.
Remember that motels are not all that bad –
many are actually really lovely and allow have the same benefits as a hotel stay would just at more reasonable rates. You could pick a place with a great view or that has quirky architecture or that is simply known for serving up great food! Read reviews before making a choice, make sure that they have plenty of positives and that any negative points mentioned in the reviews are things that you can live with on vacation!
What to do
Often, when travelling on a budget you might think that you will simply not be able to act like a tourist or have any fun. This is why we recommended that you pick either the seaside or the mountainous countryside. Each of these locations allows you the opportunity to enjoy being a tourist without spending extra! You can go for a swim or go surfing, which if you have your own board is free and if not you can easily rent one for a very low price! Mountains offer you the chance to take walks, go on hikes and take in the views or just indulge in some nature photography. Each destination has plenty of activities you could do for free. Alternatively, you could also take in some museums or simply visit a famous park or garden in the area. While some tourist attractions may require an entry fee, you can still find plenty to do on a budget!
Save on sales
When on holiday, you should keep an eye out for coupons or offers that shops offer. Often during tourist season and more so when it is off season, shops and even tourist hot spots and museums and gardens offer discounted or special rates that you should make use of. Check online – often there are online offers that are not available unless you print the coupon or take a picture of it with you. Make use of these opportunities to have a great vacation on a budget!