Maintaining A Family-Friendly Environment In Your Home


A family is considered one of the greatest blessings one could be fortunate enough to have. It provides strength, comfort, support, and love, and a family nurtures each of its members throughout their lives.

A family home is therefore just as important. It is the sanctuary of the family, and provides the safe and calm environment for each member. It adds to the level of strength granted by your family by creating a warm and comfortable environment in which to reside. Whether it be a grand manor or serviced apartments in Melbourne long stay, a home will provide the sanctuary that each person requires, no matter the scale.

As such, one’s family home should be created with the family in mind, and accommodate each member accordingly. There are many physical and psychological factors that go into the creation of a family-friendly home.

Physical factors

Physically, the family home should be designed (or purchased) with each member of the family in mind. For example, if there is an aged member of the family that has trouble getting about, a home with a bedroom downstairs would be more suitable than a home that has all its bedrooms located upstairs. Similarly, if any pets are included, a sizeable garden or lawn area would be useful in providing space and comfort for your pet to play and get plenty of exercise. If small children are part of the family, safety is an important feature to look into.

In terms of safety for small children, one must ensure that any plug points and power outlets are sealed off temporarily, so that they may be unsealed only when they are needed. Storing fragile items such as glassware, as well as dangerous items such as power tools, in difficult to access places for children, such as in overhead cabinets, will minimize any serious accidents. Staircase banisters should be secured by covering up the spaces in between banisters to ensure that toddlers do not fall through.

Psychological factors

In terms of psychological factors that contribute to a family-friendly environment, a great deal must be paid attention to in terms of children. A quarrelsome environment will plant the idea that conflict is a good thing, in the minds of young children. Similarly, a home wrought with domestic violence and emotional abuse will create a precedent of violence and trauma for young children. It is important to conduct oneself in a calm and collected manner, especially when resolving conflicts, in order to avoid setting such precedent for your children.

Children should also be provided plenty of affection and attention, especially in larger families, so as to ale certain that they don’t feel excluded or ignored.