How To Enjoy The Australian Countryside

If you want to get the most out of the Australian countryside, then you need to get to know it a lot better. The open sky, the fresh breeze, and a natural setting all help you to feel healthier and more grounded. But there are plenty of perils to come from the great outdoors too. Camping is uncomfortable and inconvenient, and walks in the wilderness can easily lead to snake bites. How about exploring a working Australian vineyard and winery in order to get the most of the countryside? It’s safe, it provides beautiful vistas, and you can even learn a lot about the making of wine – here’s why you should consider it!

Drink a Lot of Wine

Of course, the first reason that we are going to head straight towards is the chance to try wine tasting. This is where you get to sample a few of the wines that the winery makes, figuring out which ones you like the best. You can also buy their bottles after the tasting, normally at a cheaper price than normal. This means plenty of wine to drink on the day, and possibly some wine to take back home with you at the end as well. What’s not to like?

Go For a Stroll

Either before or after your Veneto wine tours, you can also go for a walk around the winery’s grounds. Often you will find vineyards, and occasionally some gardens as well. This gives you the chance to enjoy that fresh air that you have been looking for. It’s also very interesting to visit a vineyard and see how the grapes are grown. In fact, if you really enjoy drinking wine, this might be fascinating to you. It is a very precise science, with factors like climate and soil type having an effect on the overall taste of the wine once it has been fermented.

Learn Something New

What is more, you can learn about these things directly from someone at the vineyard if you like. Often you can go on guided tours or listen to talks about how it is all done. This will help you to understand a bit more about where the wine you drink comes from and how it is perfected. What could be better than a trip to the countryside that offers wine and also teaches you something new? This can be the perfect day out, a proper experience which you can draw upon in the future. You can impress your friends with your wine making knowledge!