Fishing In The Gold Coast – Why It’s A Must!

It’s almost impossible to have lived in Australia, and not visited the Gold Coast. It is quite simply the dream holiday destination, with a host of attractions, from beautiful sandy beaches, rock and rolling nightclubs, a plethora of delicious restaurants, shopping galore and of course, theme parks.

Yet despite the mass interest in the Gold Coast, many people forget the reason it became one of the most popular places to visit. And why, still do this day, it is the most popular place to visit in Australia.

The answer is fishing. Since the year 1987, when the first fishing charter was formed and others have spouted out because of it, to book fishing charters in the Gold Coast is still the number one reason why visitors come down.

These charters are open to everyone and anyone; there are no age restrictions, so anyone from your baby to your grandmother can come along. But they won’t be going alone and nor should you be worried about bringing them.

The reason is simple: charter operators in the Gold Coast are known experts on the subject. They are the best of the best; always learning the laws, the methods, and the ways of delivering the best fishing charter experience  and also you must try whale watch in Hervey Bay.

When you pay for these operators, they guarantee you are level of experience that is hard to find. They know all that’s important when it comes to taking a charter in the Gold Coast. They know for instance, that fishing is done around the year, where the weather guarantees you a good run.

They also know the different kinds of fishing techniques, such as multilevel whole pilchard setting, live baiting, strip baiting, lure spinning and lure trolling. They also know where and when to go to certain fishing areas. And of course they know the laws of the land, such as legal size of fishes you can catch and keep (and cook!), as well as which fishes you are allowed to catch (and those areas you’re not allowed to go!)

You get more that what you pay. There are many new inclusions in the service. For instance they give you soft drinks, sunscreen lotions, coffee, biscuits and what not.

On top of all this, they offer the experience of catching fish too! It’s one of those little added values that no one expects. So if one of those, who don’t know the tricks of the art of fishing, there is nothing to worry about. Expect to the taught by the professionals.

Gold Coast operators offer the best service in the country. They offer powerful boats, experience, safely and most importantly, fishing fun. The Gold Coast is known for its fishing charters, because it offers the best service in the business.