Facts About Australian Animals You Hardly Know

The huge collection of wild animals and birds in Australia is famous for their variety. And millions of tourists gather in this Island every year to visit these awesome sights and enjoy the company of these animals. Kangaroo, Emu, Wombat, Wallaroo, and lots of other animals, birds, reptiles, and insects are present in this continent along with the endangered species.

Here we have gathered some striking facts about these animals which are truly a nice blend of both surprising and dangerous facts. In your day trips you can visit the best wildlife tours in Kangaroo Island in its different cities. If you are a wildlife lover and love to visit different countries along with their specific wild animals, then you are going to love these facts. Just have a look.

1. The famous bird Emu is the third largest bird of this world. And more surprisingly their nests are one and half meters wide.

2. Among the fifteen most poisonous species of snakes all over the world, ten of them are present in Australia. About one hundred and fifty five species of snakes are present in Australia. Ninety three among them are poisonous. The most poisonous snake all over the world is the Australian Taipan. While your day trips you can ask your guide more about these serpents.

3. This largest island is well known for various types of spiders too. One and half thousands species of Australian spiders are present in this continent.

4. Australians are more harmed by the attack of box jelly fish than by any other poisonous snakes’ crocodiles of the salt water or sharks. Every year a huge number of people die due to the attack of these poisonous creatures.

5. You must have heard about the world famous kangaroos of Australia. The most important fact about them is to know that these animas hop, not because they love it. It is so just for hoping is the only activity which takes less energy than others. The marsupials like these animals along with the Koalas can be found nowhere else on the Earth.

6. The native dog of Australia, Dingo, is the first dogs to be domesticated. They are regarded as the father of all domestic dogs’ breed.

7. More than one hundred and fifty millions of sheep are there in Australia. But only twenty millions of people dwell all over the continent.

8. The only mammals who can lay eggs are the two Australian animals in this world. They are Platypus and echidna. These platypuses have the ability to eat up the same weight of their bodies in food and it is just within twenty four hours.

• You must have heard about the UN. Australia was regarded as one of the founding members of the United Nations.

• Tasmania is less traveled by people and therefore it has the cleanest air throughout the world.