6 Reasons Why You Should Choose To Live In Brighton Bay, Melbourne

If you are relocating to Melbourne, it’s understandable that you need to think well about which part of it to live in. Recently, there’s been a lot of hype surrounding Brighton Bay, one of its coastal suburbs. Read below to find out why this place is said to be the five-star choice for new Melbourne residents.

1. The lovely, perfect beaches

Brighton Bay has some of the most picturesque beaches you will find in this region. The Middle Brighton Beach is the best known one – thanks to its bright, colorful Victorian era sea baths (no less than 82!). These lovely wooden huts lined one the beach are simply delightful and, at the same time, a truly iconic sight. Besides, the waters tend to be very calm, which make them perfect for bathing. Of course, you can count on lifeguards to keep you safe, too.

2. Excellent accommodation options

Whether you can afford a family house with a garden or just a single’s room, you’ll feel welcome in Brighton Bay. There’s an option for everyone. However, the suburb is best known for its splendid beachside accommodation.

You can live like a star without being one. Don’t worry about the distance to the city centre – the train covers it in about 20 minutes. If you’re the busy type, you can choose one of the serviced apartments fit for professionals.

3. Vast grassy recreational areas

The foreshore is mostly covered in green grass, which makes it appropriate for picnics, walks, open air sports like ball games and general relaxation. If you’re looking to cater to your health and well-being, you have the perfect setting; it’s surely better than closed gym spaces in a dense, cluttered urban area.

4. Melbourne’s skyline

There’s nothing quite like living in a picturesque, quiet neighbourhood with quick access to the beach, from where you can admire Melbourne’s entire stunning skyline. The view is picture perfect. This is a panoramic view you’ll never get tired of photographing.

5. Easy access and good transport

As already mentioned, there’s a train that connects Brighton in Port Philip Bay with Melbourne’s CBD. It’s called the Sandringham train. There are also efficient buses serving the area. If you wish to drive to the city centre, give yourself 30 minutes.

6. Historical architecture

Besides the beach boxes, there is more to Brighton Bay in terms of Victorian era remnants. You’ll find enough beautiful homes and public buildings, plus perfectly manicured gardens to go with these. Such sights will make any walk highly enjoyable.

Don’t stay crammed in central Melbourne. Give yourself the chance to breathe and sample life at a slower pace, even when you’re working hard.